Getting Licensed as a Contractor in Virginia

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All Virginia Contractor License Applicants are required to take an 8-Hour Pre-License Course before submitting a license application. Once completed, the course completion does not expire. 

In addition to completing the Pre-License Course, Virginia Class A and B contractor license applicants are required to take and pass a Business and Law exam. The Virginia Class A/B Business Law exam is a three-part exam consisting of the 'Virginia,' 'General,' and 'Advanced' portions. All Class A and Class B license applicants must pass the 'Virginia' and 'General' portions of the exam. The 'Advanced' portion of the exam is optional for Class B license applicants, but it is mandatory for Class A applicants.  To see more and sign up for our Virginia Class A/B Exam Prep Course, you can visit the course page here

Once meeting all requirements, applicants must submit a license application to the board for review before they receive approval to take their technical licensing exam. Our license specialists can walk you through the application process and ensure you aren't one of the 60% of first-time applicants that receives a rejection notice by DPOR with our Contractor License Application Processing Service!

The final step to obtaining a license is passing a technical licensing exam. The content of this exam will be specific to the type of license you applied for. We have exam prep courses for nearly every license in Virginia! See our Virginia Courses page here or fill out the form on this page to learn more about how Contractor Training Center can help prepare you for your licensing exams.

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